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-1st - 4th place receives 100, 70, 50, and 35 points, respectively. The 75 teams with the greatest amount of points qualify for the final game. The next 25 teams with the highest scores (teams 76-100, or whatever the next 25 positions happen to be) will be eligible for ‘stand by’ at the finale. The final game determines the ultimate winners. To check your progress, go to Scores will be updated weekly. We tend to have the finale games 2 to 3 times a year.

-Any team tied for the final place will result in BOTH teams being eligible for play.

-All teams that qualify for the finale must contain 6 or less people in the final game. The number of people on a team WHILE qualifying will not be limited.

-Each team must maintain the same team name for the duration of the tournament. This helps us keep accurately keep track of scores.

-Each team can earn points at any of our tournament venues in the metro area. Points can be accumulated at multiple venues throughout the week.

-Normal trivia rules apply. But specifically, cell phone use of any kind will not be permitted. Should an emergency arise where you need to call someone, see our host. Should he agree, your call can only be made chaperoned. The respective penalty will be at the sole discretion of OE.

-Anyone who gets a perfect score during the tournament cycle is automatically qualified to participate in the finale

-Outspoken Entertainment has final arbitrating power over all circumstances of the tourney.

-We reserve the right to end participation of any team or player for any reason.

-*Trip to Bahamas contingent upon sponsor renewal.

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